How can I reach... more potential customers?

We worked with a project management consulting and training firm work to refocus their marketing and sales efforts to increase visibility and sales a different segment of the market.

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How can I get more business from existing customers?

We worked with a banking industry training and development firm worked with us to identify and implement a strategic partnership to expand the number of services offered to existing clients.

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How can we change to compete better right now?

We worked with an internet marketing communications firm to implement a more effective project management system to manage multiple projects simultaneously, which provided better reporting tools and shortened project implementation time and increased annual revenues and higher profits.

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Where should we spend our time to have the biggest impact?

We worked with a communications coaching and training firm to increase sales effectiveness. Trained sales personnel to utilize existing electronic tools to manage client relationships and manage time and priorities more effectively.

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As a company evolves, it responds to customer requests, adds people, invests in technology and creates new business processes. As a result, additional expertise is created that is frequently not internally or externally visible. The company needs to periodically review its capabilities to identify new revenue streams.
Competition, the business climate, and the economy are constantly changing. New lead generation tools are emerging. As the company evolves, it needs to review its' marketing strategy and adjust the tools it uses to promote its products and services as efficiently as possible.
Alternative sales channels have emerged. Sales process management systems are available to assist sales people in lead follow up and on-going customer contact. These systems improve sales force productivity and provide more accurate forecasting. New strategic alliances can increase market penetration.


  • "Berger Business Advisors has helped our company grow from a one man shop to a thriving company with more than 30 employees and two locations. They have helped us in a variety of ways including: Designing the initial sales process; analyzing data from our contact management system and recommending changes; defining sales selection criteria; evaluating sales candidates; recommending compensation packages; and coaching sales people. Their advice has been invaluable to us."
    Owner Medical Device Software Development Company
  • "Berger Business Advisors helped modify our sales process. They recommended changes in our product positioning and helped us redirect our marketing tactics to attract decision makers and buyers. They researched and selected an appropriate contact management system to track our sales pipeline. They designed and implemented a marketing campaign which dramatically increased leads and more profitable sales.They continue to advise us on business development strategise and tactics."
    Owner Project Management Consulting and Training firm

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