What can be done...to expand the amount of business from existing customers?

A banking industry training and development firm was at capacity but wanted to grow. We helped them identify and implement a plan to expand staff and the number of services offered to new and existing clients.

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How can... more potential customers be reached?

A project management consulting and training firm needed to refocus their marketing to increase visibility and sales. We helped them reposition their product and service offerings to address a different segment of the market. This led to increased consulting revenue and longer engagements with clients.

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What can be changed tocompete better right now?

An internet marketing communications firm wanted to grow and develop additional markets. We helped them develop the business model to address the new market and implement a more effective project management system to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

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What can be done to increase selling time?

A communications coaching and training firm wanted to increase sales effectiveness. We trained sales personnel to utilize existing electronic tools to manage client relationships and manage time and priorities more effectively. This led to more effective lead follow up and increased sales.

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As a company evolves, it responds to customer requests, adds people, invests in technology and creates new business processes. As a result, additional expertise is created that is frequently not internally or externally visible. The company needs to periodically review its capabilities to identify new revenue streams.
Competition, the business climate, and the economy are constantly changing. New lead generation tools are emerging. As the company evolves, it needs to review its' marketing strategy and adjust the tools it uses to promote its products and services as efficiently as possible.
Alternative sales channels have emerged. Sales process management systems are available to assist sales people in lead follow up and on-going customer contact. These systems improve sales force productivity and provide more accurate forecasting. New strategic alliances can increase market penetration.


  • "Allan has helped us primarily with sales and marketing almost since our inception. He taught us most of the basic, key concepts that remain the foundation of our strategy to this day. His ideas and insight continue to spur thought and change which enable our company to continue on a path of growth. Allan also has a massive network of professionals with whom he has cultivated relationships. We have used several of his recommended vendors for training and production of materials with great results. When a vendor comes recommended by Allan, it is all the vetting we need to do."
    Dan Sterling President, Sterling Smartware Solutions
  • "In the 20 years I have known and worked with Allan, he has been a great resource for support, ideas, and results. His exceptional professionalism and integrity are equaled by his drive to develop client-focused, profitable solutions."
    Dave Po-Chedley Principal, Cambridge Consulting