Make This Your Best Year

As you launch a new business year, it’s a great time to lay the groundwork for success! Below are some steps to create a successful year: Conduct a Financial Check-Up Check your Profit and Loss, Income and … Continued

Increase the Odds Of Business Success

Small businesses face a host of challenges.  Only a small percentage reach their fifth anniversary.   Most people start out with a dream, roll the dice, and jump in feet first.   … Continued

Three Typical Problem Customers

When the best customer is NOT the one you already have—meet the Demander, the Abuser, and the Dodger. The Demander is the client who takes advantage of your services. No … Continued

One Small Change Can Yield Big Dividends

We sometimes take a slash and burn, all or nothing approach to change. However, great results also stem from one small change. When faced with a large problem, or several … Continued

Old or New School, Quality Counts

Can a company survive today without engaging in social media, without posting, tweeting, and otherwise dipping into the live media stream? Apparently, yes! In a recent blog, Jonathan Weber* noted … Continued

Happy Trails: Travel Safe

Study the culture. Know a bit about the culture of your travel destination; even more if the location is exotic or dangerous! Make sure you have a feel for the … Continued

Good as Gold!

Make quality a priority in everything you do. First, give your products or services a checkup. Are you giving customers the best you can at the price point you set? … Continued