Increasing Revenue with Fixed Pricing


The company transports adults with learning disabilities who cannot drive. The business has expanded in recent years and had the potential to grow substantially larger.


A Specialized Transportation Service was notified that government funded transportation was being reduced. The owner was concerned that this would have a negative impact on the business. They needed to determine how they could continue to offer transportation services profitably.


Berger Business Advisors used its expertise to:

  • Define their target market
  • Identify their ideal clients
  • Define their geographic area
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Develop a new organizational structure
  • Identify job responsibilities that could be delegated to others
  • Identify employees who could assume those responsibilities
  • Develop new automated processes
  • Identify new payment options
  • Increase profitability of existing vehicles
  • Identify new revenue sources


Existing staff were trained to take on increased responsibility. This allowed the owner to devote time to increase vehicle capacity and utilization. As a result, revenue rose significantly and profitability improved.