Leadership Development Consulting Firm Case Study

Background: Professional leadership development professionals with extensive corporate and consulting experience want to take their knowledge and skills and build a firm to sell their expertise.

Problem: They know the content they want to develop and deliver but don’t know who their target market should be or how to find clients.

Solution: We helped them identify a target market in where they had industry expertise and the need for their services. An informal business plan was developed with an action plan to take their concept and turn it into a profitable business. Berger Business Advisors helped them reposition their business model and focus on markets that were more appropriate for their size and capabilities. We also had them focus on establishing long-term ongoing relationships. Using this approach, they landed a small non-profit client for an initial training session. That engagement grew into additional management training, the creation of a performance management system and other revenue producing opportunities thereby creating a revenue stream rather than a onetime event.


Background: This firm works primarily with organizations in the banking and related industries who are seeking to maximize their human capital. They provide a host of professional development programs to banks, third party marketers, industry associations, vendors, and insurance companies. They offer a range of services, including:

  • Long-term group professional development programs
  • One-day seminars/retreats
  • Organizational & Executive Consulting
  • Keynote speaker for events

Their proprietary integrated methodology leads to proven, positive change in both employees and the companies where they work.

Problem: The organization needed to determine how to grow beyond its current capacity.

Solution: We worked on a number of projects including:

  • Developed a 3 year plan to leverage their talent and expertise more effectively.
  • Researched on-line communities that could be used as models for their on-line community
  • Conceptualized components for their on-line community
  • Created job descriptions and evaluation criteria for potential facilitators
  • Identified potential facilitators and business development resources
  • Saved more than $20,000 by recommending that they not invest in television programming
  • Created a plan to generate supplemental revenue streams from potential training and coaching strategic alliances
  • Identified professional and personal development topics which could be offered as follow on courses
  • Researched potential strategic partners
  • Initiated discussions with potential strategic partner


Background: A successful communications skills coaching and training practice had a number of clients and products. Most of its business came from existing clients.

Problem: Increase sales to new clients.

Solution: Berger Business Advisors restructured the sales process and identified areas to improve sales productivity. We helped them rethink the direction of the organization. Our time management techniques, tools and coaching increased their sales executives’ productivity.


Background: An electronic medical device development firm has grown from a one man shop to a thriving company with more than 30 employees and two locations.

Problem: Increase sales capability and rebrand company

Solution: We worked with them in a variety of sales and marketing related projects including:

  • Design the initial sales process
  • Analyze and recommend changes to their contact management system
  • Define sales person selection criteria
  • Evaluate sales candidates
  • Recommend sales compensation packages
  • Identify sales training and marketing providers
  • Coach sales people.
  • Identify potential internet marketing firms to update their website
  • Evaluated sales training vendors
  • Evaluate potential rebranding options


Background: A successful project management consulting firm was facing a down economy. Over the years, it had developed a large number of products and services. Most of its sales were generated from repeat business from existing clients. The amount of repeat business was falling.

Problem: Increase new client sales

Solution: Berger Business Advisors helped modify the sales process. We recommended changes in product positioning and redirected their marketing tactics to attract decision makers and buyers. We researched and selected an appropriate contact management system to track the sales pipeline. We designed and implemented a marketing campaign which dramatically increased leads and more profitable sales.


Background: A successful website design firm recognized that their industry was changing. The nature of their business required incorporating newer internet tools and additional expertise to design, develop and implement increasingly complex client projects.

Problem: How to manage the various projects, resources, and timelines more effectively

Solution: We worked with the management team to implement a more effective project management system to manage multiple projects simultaneously. This resulted in:

  •  Better reporting information
  •  Shortened project implementation time
  •  Increased annual revenues


Background: Marketing consulting firm provides marketing personnel to Fortune 500 financial services, insurance and telecommunication firms. They had grown steadily until 2008. The business downturn forced the company to lay off staff and re-evaluate their business model and industry verticals.

Problem: They needed to revise their business model, sales channels and types of sales professionals they hired to grow again. They also wanted to extend their services into the Pharma industry, which was a new market.

Solution: Our business development consulting expertise helped them focus on using their previous expertise to penetrate new markets. We identified the characteristics of a successful salesperson, advised them on the types of sales team members to hire, and recommended how sales training should be accomplished. This resulted in attracting sales professionals who helped them resume their growth. Since 2008, sales have doubled and profits have increased substantially.