Ask Smart Questions to Hire Great Employees

Ask Smart Questions to Hire Great Employees

If the interview process is a struggle for you or your staff, you can improve your chances of hiring the right employee by asking questions designed to reveal the qualities and skills they possess, as well as their competencies, that are the best fit for your company.

Create a job description. Define the requirements of the position and identify the required output and performance success factors for the position. Create a simple job description from this list that outlines the measurable tasks that the new hire will be expected to perform.

List qualities and skills you would like an employee to possess. The ability for a new hire to meet the competencies required for the position is important, but focusing solely on the competencies can yield inadequate information on key behaviors and skills. We often define the tasks we want a new hire to perform to create a job description, but stop short of considering the talents, skills, and personal qualities that may be the best match for the position and for the company. What qualities and skills are you looking for in a prospective new hire? List the characteristics and traits of the individual you see succeeding in this position or exhibited by current valued employees. Narrow that list down to a few key behavioral traits you believe the candidate requires.

Create questions that yield information.
Use open-ended questions that allow for an explanation of how a behavior was exhibited. For example, if you are seeking a candidate who can set and meet goals, is detail-oriented, and excels at project management, ask, “Give me an example of a time you set a goal for yourself and tell me how you accomplished it.” Looking for an innovative thinker? You might want to ask for an example of a time when the candidate improved a task or job that he or she was working on. Do you need an employee who is flexible and adjusts well to constant change? Try asking for a specific occasion when the candidate worked to complete a task but was asked to stop before its completion to start a different task.

Ask the same questions of all candidates.
While some questions to potential candidates will differ as you explore their specific experience and work history, questions that reveal behavioral traits should be asked of each candidate. In that way, you will be better able to assess and compare their behavioral characteristics as well as their ability to perform the requirements of the job. Asking similar questions also helps to avoid asking illegal interview questions. As always, review the legality of the questions you plan to ask potential candidates!

What are some behavioral traits you may want in a new hire?

*  Excellent attendance

*  Dependability

*  Self-Starter

*  Team Player

*  Detail-Oriented

*  Assertive

*  Honest

*  Flexible

*  Goal-Oriented

*  Positive

*  Communicative