Make This Your Best Year

As you launch a new business year, it’s a great time to lay the groundwork for success! Below are some steps to create a successful year: Conduct a Financial Check-Up Check your Profit and Loss, Income and … Continued

Increase the Odds Of Business Success

Small businesses face a host of challenges.  Only a small percentage reach their fifth anniversary.   Most people start out with a dream, roll the dice, and jump in feet first.   … Continued

Too Much Green?

Avoid the inevitable boredom with or backlash against “going green” Before you join the hordes of “eco-friendly” businesses, be aware of the potential backlash against companies who profess they are … Continued

Looking for Your Silver Lining?

Coming off one of the worst global recessions, one can’t help but be anxious. However, history shows that every great loss has potential for great rebounds. The trick is to … Continued

How To Hire A Business Advisor

First, determine your needs and do some research.  Know your business. Know your current operations and your financial picture.  Determine the specific need(s) you want an advisor to address and … Continued

Small Business Owners: Disruptive Innovators?

Could this be a period of disruptive innovation by small business owners? Disruptive innovation is an innovation that improves products or services in unexpected ways, effecting existing markets. These innovative … Continued