Happy Trails: Travel Safe

Happy Trails: Travel Safe

Study the culture. Know a bit about the culture of your travel destination; even more if the location is exotic or dangerous! Make sure you have a feel for the business pace, expectations, and social and business customs. Women should dress and behave similar to the women of that country. Men should be aware of addressing women; it can be seen as too forward in some cultures. Dressing or acting much differently can target you as a foreigner, be seen as offensive, or worse, endanger you.

Photocopy everything. Passport, traveler’s checks, credit cards, tickets, etc. Leave copies safe at home where a family member can find them should a crisis arise, and keep copies stashed safely away in your suitcase or carry-on. Keep two copies of business presentations: one for your suitcase, one for your carryon. Leave your itinerary with your significant other, children, parents, and boss.

Limit cash and credit, and keep them safe. Carry only one credit card and a small amount of cash. Memorize your credit card PIN number before you leave. Keep your card, passport, and plane ticket in a safe interior pocket of a jacket or a concealed money belt. Split your cash up, hiding it in several places on your person.

Choose well-known hotels in safe areas. National hotel chains with interior room entrances provide more safety. Check door and window locks, and keep the curtains in your room closed. Women should ask security to walk them to their room if it is late, or to and from parking lots and garages if they’ve rented a car.

If possible travel, dine, and walk the city streets with associates. If you travel alone and are out at Night, walk with a crowd. Keep to well lit populated streets, be aware of your surroundings, and walk with confidence. Women can ward off unwanted male attention by wearing a fake engagement or wedding ring.