Three Typical Problem Customers

Three Typical Problem Customers

When the best customer is NOT the one you already have—meet the Demander, the Abuser, and the Dodger.

The Demander is the client who takes advantage of your services. No matter how much you deliver, he demands more and wants to pay less. Increase the amount of time you service this customer and cut your prices, and you will develop a pattern of losing money.

The Abuser is abusive to you and your staff and can sap your energy. The longer you deal with this person, the more you lose. Think of the extra hours listening to the customer complain, trying to please the customer, talking to staff about how to please the customer, and complaining about the customer. All of these add up to dollars per hour. What price are you willing to pay to retain this customer?

The Dodger is the client who avoids paying for services rendered or products delivered. If she has a history of paying late or has fallen far behind, you probably don’t need her business. She’s playing with your money! If you continue to extend products or services without being paid, you may be putting your business at risk.

We suggest you periodically evaluate your customers to determine which category they fall in.   Sometimes, it is better to “Fire a Customer”.