Where Oh Where Are Your Customers?

Where Oh Where Are Your Customers?

According to a recent Harris Poll, probably surfing the web.

Having an online business presence makes good sense. A website can be a great marketing channel to capture customers who may not frequent brick and mortar businesses

Consider this recent Harris Poll by Harris Interactive. In December 2009, a new poll found that internet users are spending an average of 13 hours a week online. (Usage varies – one in five adult users are online for two or fewer hours and one in seven are on for 24 hours or more.)

From 1999 to 2002, adults spent an average of 7 hours a week online, and from 2003 to 2006 they spent approximately 8 to 9 hours. In 2007 usage increased to 11 hours and last year, after the financial crisis, it jumped to 14 hours.

A few of the likely causes for the increase are that people are becoming more adept at using the internet, they watch TV more often online, and they purchase more frequently online. The recession is also considered to be a factor as people have a tendency to stay home more often.

Whatever the reasons for the increase, it is becoming more crucial for companies to have some online presence. Fifty percent of all of those polled stated they had made a purchase of products and services within the last month. Adults aged 30 to 64 were more likely to make purchases than those who were under 30 or over 65. If your target market lies in the 30 to 64 age range, there is even more incentive to set up a website and begin to drive people to it through a variety of marketing channels.